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GUS TURNS 50 in 2022!


This year will mark the 50th year that Greenfield Elementary first opened its doors! In 1972, Greenfield Elementary was the second elementary school to open in Gilbert. In an article written in 2008 celebrating the retirement of Greenfield's very first principal, Mr. Rimer (who served as principal for 36 years), Mr.Rimer recalls the following...

"Greenfield Elementary was surrounded by cotton fields. Field mice and gophers would often chew through the school's electrical wires. Crop-dusting planes would fly overhead, enthralling the students and scaring the teachers. Greenfield Road was a dirt road in a small town on the edge of a building boom. There was one stop light in Gilbert. Teachers were sometimes late to school because they would get caught in herds of sheep that were driven down Greenfield."


A lot has obviously changed in Gilbert but thankfully the small town feel and focus on family has remained the same. 


We are looking forward to celebrating Greenfield's 50th anniversary all school year. If you have any ideas as to what we could do, please let us know!

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